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I am writing this the night before going into surgery, so before you read below on ways to help, please know that if we have crossed paths in life, you have already provided me more than I could ever ask for. I believe our lives are a tapestry of the people we meet and the experiences we embrace. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel to be able to go into this surgery feeling content, at peace, and filled with love because of the life I lived and the people I’ve met. I look forward to weaving in more love, experiences, and moments of indescribable presence into my life’s tapestry following this surgery.

A lot of people have graciously reached out asking how they can help as I go through surgery, recovery, and further treatment. Here are the best ways I can think of:

Join Team Jeremy at the Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk:

On Sunday, June 24th I am making it one of my surgical recovery goals to walk alongside hundreds of others at the National Brain Tumor Society’s Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk to fundraise for new treatments and eventually a cure! Please help donate, or better yet, walk with us Sunday in the Bay or from afar! Follow this link for more information: JOIN TEAM JEREMY

Join Jeremy’s Caring Team:

My mom is the most courageous, resilient, loving person I know. She has passionately advocated for me throughout every challenge I’ve faced. She is my caregiver, but as the saying goes, it takes a village. I am beyond privileged that my Mom, her fiance, and the rest of my family are able to be here in the Bay Area with me, but I am also lucky to have a larger network of support. If you are in the Bay and would like to know how you can help post-surgery and during the rest of my treatment, join our Lotsa Helping Hands community. Follow this link and request to join: JEREMY’S CARING TEAM

Send along messages, memories, (and visit!):

I’ve been overwhelmed with joy receiving messages and memories from those I am close to and even those I haven’t connected with for a while. These messages give me energy, and will continue to fuel me with love and gratitude as I continue forward with my journey.

11 Replies to “How to Help”

  1. memory:
    on my porch, in Andavadoaka, talking politics & sustainable development by the madagascar seaside. my young malagasy students admired you, and so did i. you have wisdom and courage beyond your years! keep striving forward, Jeremy!


  2. Dear Jeremy, I am praying for you and sending love to you and your family. You are an inspiration to all of us.
    Carol Roblin


  3. Dear jeremy
    Wishing you a successful surgery today! Sending you positive energy and prayers.
    Love to your mom to be strong.
    Lauren corkin


  4. That incredible Mom of yours gets her strength from her truly incredible son. We add our prayers for healing to all the others.


  5. Jeremy – you are an inspiration to all of us. We are sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way.


  6. Jeremy, Lenny and I wish you love hugs and prayers on your surgery tonight. We are sending our love and you are in our heart.
    Love Jane And Lenny Ansin


  7. Jeremy – All I can think of is the image of God’s sukkat shalom, shelter of peace, embracing and protecting you during this time. May your healing be swift and complete. Sending love and energy of strength and resilience. Lesley Litman (from long ago Shir Tikva days)


  8. Jeremy,
    Sending you and your family my positive thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery and recovery…love to the whole family!
    Joanne Baron


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