2019 EndWell ePatient Ambassador

This year I am serving once again as a patient ambassador for EndWell. EndWell is an innovative symposium to transform the end-of-life into a more human-centered experience.

My time with EndWell last year was transformational, and I look forward to participating in the conference again on December 5th.

I recently wrote an article for the EndWell Project titled, “My Day on the Pediatric Palliative Care Ward.”

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4 Replies to “2019 EndWell ePatient Ambassador”

  1. I was looking into (I think) doing something for this too, End Well. But, I didn’t have any way to travel and my cognitive delays turned me into a pickle trying to figure out what to do…..so I had to withdraw. 😦


  2. This is great work Jeremy- I’ve read your Medium article on End Well too and your recent Washington Post piece. I’m leading a large international research study looking at how we can create better resources & support healthcare providers to do better at end-of-life conversations with young people. Your perspectives would be really valuable. Reach out if you’re interested to collaborate!


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