Update: MRI is Stable!

Yesterday I started my first day of work, and today my MRI is stable! A great start to the week.

Going into today’s appointments, I was worried. My concern didn’t stem from any physical symptoms, but the fact that there was so much good going on in my life (despite COVID-19): Graduating with my masters, a new job, new and upcoming nephews, and being closer to my family and partner.

It always feels like whenever something good is going on, my brain tumor yells, “Not so fast!”

Well, today, it stayed silent (i.e. it remains the same size).

So, I keep moving on with my infusions ever three weeks, including infusion #26 that I finished today!

In the words of Elizabeth Warren, I’m going to “dream big, fight hard, and live proud.”

7 Replies to “Update: MRI is Stable!”

  1. We are very pleased to hear your news,,,,we fight with you on your team and look upon you with pride…..Keep up the good work
    Ed and Janet


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