Boston Brain Tumor Ride

Since my original diagnosis and surgery in 2004, my family, friends, and I have participated in the Boston Brain Tumor Ride every spring to raise funds and awareness towards a cure for brain tumors.

A Memorable 10th Ride – celebrating survivorship

In May 2014 from Boston to Bali (pictured above), my family, friends, and I biked 25 miles raising over $10,000 to celebrate our 10th year riding and 10 years cancer free.

Our 11th Ride – fighting for a cure

May 17, 2015 will be our team’s 11th ride.  This will be my first year riding not just as a survivor, but a current cancer patient.  Every year I ride so that others one day will not have to experience life with a  brain tumor.  As someone living with a brain tumor, I am one of the many people that can benefit greatly from improved research and treatments.  With my recent recurrence I am slowly processing the sobering reality that my fight will be a life-long battle.  This ride has never felt more important personally, as the funds raised could potentially lead to research that will help me and countless others within my lifetime.

Oligo Research Fund

My tumor is an oligodendroglioma, a rare, slow-growing brain tumor impacting about 1,150 people every year.  These tumors are even rarer in children, constituting 2% of all pediatric brain tumors.  In general, brain tumors receive very little research money compared to other types of cancers.  Many brain tumors have received little or no research support, including Oligos.  In 2011, the National Brain Tumor Society launched their first community research fund to support oligodendroglioma research.  To learn more about the Oligo Research Fund click here.

Pediatric Initiatives

I was first diagnosed at 12 years old.  I was (and am) lucky that my tumor is a slow-growing glioma, and more characteristic of an adult-like tumor.  Many kids though are not as lucky.  Malignant brain tumors are the second most common form of childhood cancer, the leading cause of cancer-related deaths for children under 10 years old, and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in all children under 20 years old.  Over the past 40 years there has been little progress in improving these statistics, and funding for pediatric brain tumor research is incredibly low.  The National Brain Tumor Society is a leader in advocating, funding, and coordinating pediatric brain tumor research.  To learn more about NBTS's Pediatric Initiatives click here.

Support Our Ride

This year, we will be directing the funds our team raises to the National Brain Tumor Society’s Oligo Research Fund and Pediatric Initiatives.  It is my hope that this money can help catalyze research for Oligo and pediatric tumors in order to develop better treatments, and one day find a cure.

For me this ride is not only about raising money, but also building community.  It is one day every year where brain tumor patients, survivors, family, and friends get together to support each other.  It is this wide-ranging support that gives me hope.  Please consider being part of this event.  Join a team, fundraise, and ride!  Most importantly, please donate to the ride so that one day we will find a cure.


Together We Can Find A Cure


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