“My story is about more than just a personal struggle, it is about how a community of people came together to support me and give me this gift of life.”

During my battle with a brain tumor and recovery as a kid, it was my caregivers (family, friends, doctors, nurses, and even complete strangers) who gave me the strength to keep going.  When a loved one is faced with cancer, caregivers go through a different yet equally difficult struggle .  Recognizing the privilege of support I have has driven me to live a life helping others.  While I make an effort to empathize with those around me, it is sometimes difficult for me to fully understand what my family members, friends, co-workers, or other caregivers are feeling about this experience.

Caregiver Perspectives:  Is a platform for caregivers to share their thoughts on what it is like for someone they know to go through cancer.

I believe sharing these perspectives can help caregivers digest what is going on.  I also hope that other caregivers can relate to these feelings, as well as help cancer fighters/survivors understand what caregivers experience throughout this type of journey.

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