Why This Blog?

Vulnerability is scary. To share my story, and the complex emotions intertwined with my journey, is daunting. When I started this blog during my recurrence in 2014, it served as a platform to update my community spread across the globe. It was also a form of therapeutic reflection. Over time, I didn’t expect the impact it would have on others. Since starting this blog it has reached over 15,000 people. I’ve received messages from people around the world sharing their own stories.

These connection are why I am revamping my blog as I go through another recurrence. Whether it is cancer, another form of illness, loss of a family member, relationship problems, or any form of adversity, the emotions we experience are universal. We just don’t talk about it. Despite entering the field of medicine that often emphasizes maintaining a professional identity, I plan to continue my writing because I believe sharing emotions are the foundation of human connection. Recognizing this is ultimately where healing can begin.

This blog will continue to serve as a way to update my community and have a space for reflection, but I hope even more so than in 2014, it can be a service to others. Please reach out, please share your own story, push yourself to be a little more vulnerable than the day before. That is how connection blossoms, and I believe that is how we make this world just a bit better.

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