How do I choose…

Little White Dot (3/3/23) On January 31st, I had an MRI that revealed what looked like a little white dot. This spot was seen on scans used with contrast, meaning something was going on there that involved blood. The worst-case scenario was that this spot was an area of “enhancing tumor,” or tumor recruiting my …

Surgery Update:great news

Jeremy got to be discharged this afternoon! Overall he is doing well, he is moving around well, and the doctors thought it was appropriate to have him rest and recover at home!

Surgery update 2

Jeremy is in recovery. He’s doing well. Able to move leg and arm but a bit weak but all in all amazing!!! He says hi to everyone and thanks you for all the love and support. ❤️

Surgery Update

Neurosurgeon called, the procedure is finished. She believes she got good margins and is happy with result. We will know more once Jeremy is awake. Thank you all for the continued support! love Jenn (Jeremy’s sister)