CURE Contributor: When Living with Brain Cancer, Life Doesn’t Always Go as Planned

This article was originally published in CURE Magazine. Click HERE to go to the publication. I am happy to share that I am now a regular contributor for CURE. This may mean that a lot of my writing (aside from medical updates) will get shared on CURE or another publication before landing on my blog. …

In Thinking About my Death, I Discovered How I Truly Wish to Live

For months, I had two task reminders saved to my computer’s desktop. The note on the left side of the screen listed the assignments I still had to complete for school. The note on the right side of the screen read: “Fill out advance directive.” These notes were a daily reminder of my conflicting identities. The left-side version of me: a 26-year-old medical student with many opportunities ahead; the right-side version of me: a young adult living with terminal brain cancer.