When the can doesn’t land as far as you hoped – another recurrence

Introduction: Living with brain cancer I always told people it was a matter of "When" not "If" my tumor would start growing again. It was one of the few certainties in a journey of uncertainty. During my recurrence in 2014, my tumor extended into the motor strip making a complete resection impossible. I had to …

Medical Update 1: 5 Days Until 11 Years – finding out I have cancer

My doctor has a tell when she has bad news. She will start telling stories to help calm down the mood, but in reality it elongates the anxiety. A couple weeks into my first visit back from Indonesia, I had my annual MRI appointment at Dana Farber. As my doctor was talking, my heart was pounding, and I could tell my mom was uneasy. A few minutes later my doctor told us the bad news: There has been significant tumor growth in the area of my brain where I had my previous tumor removed 11 years ago.