Blown Away

Waking up this morning I was truly blown away by the heartfelt messages everyone has been sending.  The amount of support I have received overwhelmed me to the point of tears.  I have spent the past morning and afternoon reading through the messages from family, friends, and even complete strangers.  I want you to know how grateful I am, and how much hope and inspiration your support has given me.  I will be sure to get back to everyone soon, and for those who said they will be in Boston, I cannot wait to catch up!

The blog has already received over 1,000 views from over 30 countries.  I am not only grateful for this support, but I also recognize how much of a privilege it is.  I hope this blog will evolve into a platform where I not only can share my experiences, but also help others going through a similar journey.  There are so many aspects to living with brain cancer, both physical and emotional that relate to various facets of life beyond my own personal experience.  I hope this community, awareness, and reflection, can transform into some of the meaning I am searching for during this journey.

To share this with a larger community, I have created a separate Facebook page where I will link my posts.  Please like the page, sign up to follow the blog, and share it with your communities.  By doing so, I hope my privilege of support can translate into larger benefits for others.

Thank you for the support, hope, and strength.  You have overwhelmed me in the best way possible, and I hope this blog can be a small way for me to give back to you all and others.

Thank you,


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