Surgery Update from Jenn (Jeremy’s Sister)

Post surgery:
Surgery went great yesterday, the doctors reported that jeremy was a rockstar, obviously! They were able to resect enough of the tumor for therapeutic benefit and for the biopsy/genetic testing. Today he has been up and talking and making friends with all the nurses. Jeremy currently is still in the ICU but will be moving to a subsequent inpatient room for recovery.

4 Replies to “Surgery Update from Jenn (Jeremy’s Sister)”

  1. Thanks so much for the update, Jenn. Our prayers have been for all of you . This is such good news. Love to everyone. Carole & Harvey. Keep the good news coming


  2. So very relieved, tears of joy. May the road to a full recovery be short and complete. Hugs to all of you.


    1. Prayers, augmented — preceded and followed – by Jeremy’s will and the love that all of you share with him is doing a great job. I am so pleased for him and for his loving supporters.


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