Surgery Update from Jenn (Jeremy’s Sister)

Post surgery:
Surgery went great yesterday, the doctors reported that jeremy was a rockstar, obviously! They were able to resect enough of the tumor for therapeutic benefit and for the biopsy/genetic testing. Today he has been up and talking and making friends with all the nurses. Jeremy currently is still in the ICU but will be moving to a subsequent inpatient room for recovery.

4 Replies to “Surgery Update from Jenn (Jeremy’s Sister)”

  1. Thanks so much for the update, Jenn. Our prayers have been for all of you . This is such good news. Love to everyone. Carole & Harvey. Keep the good news coming


  2. So very relieved, tears of joy. May the road to a full recovery be short and complete. Hugs to all of you.


  3. That sounds like good news and as always, we continue to pray for the best outcome possible.
    Eddie and Janet


    1. Prayers, augmented — preceded and followed – by Jeremy’s will and the love that all of you share with him is doing a great job. I am so pleased for him and for his loving supporters.


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