1 Month from Ride Day: Please join and donate!

It is exactly one month until the 2015 Boston Brain Tumor Ride!!!

So far we have 29 riders signed up on our team, and have raised over $16,000!

Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to the ride.  Our goal is to raise $20,000, but I know we can raise even more.

Please consider signing up and joining our team!  Even if you can’t be at the event in person, you can still participate from where you live as a virtual rider!  Follow this link to JOIN OUR TEAM!

It is going to be a great day riding for such an important cause.  All of the money raised will go to advancing brain tumor research, developing treatments, and finding a cure.

Also, as a bonus, everyone on the team will get a T-shirt with the fantastic design shown above.  Thanks to Laurie Bean and Neil Quigley for putting together the amazing design!  It represents how our team is made up of people from all around the world, supporting a cause that impacts hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

If you can’t ride, please consider donating HERE.  No amount is too small!

Below is part of a Facebook Interview I did with the National Brain Tumor Society about why this ride is so important to me:

4) Why is raising funds for the National Brain Tumor Society important to you?

Raising funds for this event has always been important to me because I want to see a day when kids and their families don’t have to go through the experience I had in my childhood. A brain tumor diagnosis comes with a lot of uncertainty about the future,and a lot of pain not only for the patients, but their family and friends as well. This past November, during what was supposed to be a brief Thanksgiving vacation home, I found out my brain tumor had grown back. At 23 years old, when I finally felt like I had moved forward with my life, the news was devastating. Suddenly, my life was on pause, brought back into the whirlwind of appointments, tests, fear, and anxiety. Because of the location of my tumor in the motor strip, it is not possible to operate without paralyzing my right side, but I am not without hope, and that is because of the advancements being made in brain tumor research. Since my original diagnosis in 2004, the way we approach and treat brain tumors has evolved tremendously. I just recently finished proton beam therapy, and will begin a year-long cycle of oral chemotherapy. This will hopefully keep my tumor at bay long enough for new treatments to be developed, which will only happen if there is funding for brain tumor research. I am lucky that my tumor is currently slow-growing, providing me with the time to wait for the development of these potential treatments. I am definitely not alone in my situation, and many people do not have the luxury of time to wait. Thousands of people around the United States and across the world hold onto some hope that treatments will be developed, and cures will be found. It is truly a global effort, one that doesn’t get nearly enough funding or attention it requires. With the ease of communication and social media, it is finally possible to grow a movement worthy of the cause. That is why we need as many people as possible to raise funds for the National Brain Tumor Society, whether it is at the ride in Boston, at another event, or virtually, because the larger the community, the more hope patients like me will have for a better future.

One Reply to “1 Month from Ride Day: Please join and donate!”

  1. Good luck on the ride. We are glad we are a part of it. Sorry we can’t be riders. We are with all of you in spirit.


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