On the road again!


After being 6 months seizure free, I am finally back on the road!   It has been a year since my first seizure in Singapore, and I’ve been fortunate to have no seizures since February.  While it may seem minor, gaining the freedom to be able to drive again is a huge step towards regaining some of my independence as I move forward in my treatment.

Despite not driving a car for 2 years and  driving a motorbike in Indonesia on the opposite side of the road, getting back behind the wheel has been a breeze.  So watch out world because I’m back on the road (…on the left side, right?…just kidding mom)!  Now all that stands in my way is a minor detail…no car.  🙂

4 Replies to “On the road again!”

  1. Great to hear you are driving again Jeremy! However, I will watch out for you on the road…not because you haven’t driven in awhile, but simply because you are from the Commonwealth of MA!


  2. Good for you, Jeremy! This is huge! Maybe I’ll see you on the road when I’m driving the bus. I never pretended to have ESP, but I’ll bet a car will present itself in your not-too-distant future.


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