Calling all riders…join “Team Jeremy” to support brain tumor research!

Calling All Bike Riders!!!

For the past 10 years, the Boston Brain Tumor Bike Ride has been a way for me to give thanks for all of the support that I have received since my original diagnosis in 2004. It has also been a way for me to give back and raise funds so that others one day don’t have to go through living with a brain tumor. This year, on our 11th year riding, it is surreal and slightly scary to write that my long-term survival and quality of life depends on advancements in brain tumor research. Finding a “cure” was always an abstract idea for me, but now it is my source of hope, and the source of hope for the hundreds of thousands of others throughout the country and the world who depend on advancements in medical treatments and research. Unfortunately, in the cancer research realm, brain tumors receive relatively little support. That is why it is up to us all to take a grassroots effort, under the umbrella of the National Brain Tumor Society, to raise the funds that are needed for these life-saving medical developments. To do this, we need numbers…we need riders. The more people who ride, the more funds we can raise towards advancing brain tumor research.

This is no longer some abstract goal; the possible treatment advancements are real, and the benefits these advancements can have on countless lives are so important. The hardest part about cancer is the uncertainty. Most of you already know about my experience living with brain cancer through this blog. We have spent the past month narrowing down the possible treatment options, and at every turn there has been uncertainty because of a lack of knowledge…a lack of research.

My doctors are optimistic about my short term prognosis, but the reality of my cancer, and most other brain tumors is that they almost always recur. I will be starting proton therapy and chemo treatment with the hope that it will buy me enough time for new targeted therapies to be developed. Otherwise, in the future I will likely have to undergo surgery and sacrifice movement on my right side, or risk the tumor evolving into a more aggressive form.   These medical advancements are only possible if there is enough funding, so from me and all of the other people living with brain cancer, I ask that you join us for the Boston Brain Tumor Ride on May 17, 2015!

Join Our Team!

If you are in the Boston area:

Join us on May 17, 2015 in Waltham for a fun-filled bike ride around the greater Boston area with family, friends, and hundreds of other riders!

What if I can’t be at the event?

Become part of our team’s virtual riders! Even if you live in other parts of the U.S., or the world, you can still ride too! Last year, to commemorate my 10th year riding, I biked with my friend in Bali on the same day that my family participated in Boston. Together we raised over $10,000! Organize a route with friends in your local neighborhood and city, fundraise along with our entire team, and enjoy the day being part of what I hope will be a worldwide community of family and friends fighting for a cure. I plan to compile the photos of everyone riding, and develop a collage to represent the universal support for those living with brain cancer.

The $500 dollar fundraising minimum is a lot! What if I don’t have a bike? What if I can’t ride the entire route?

Take a deep breathe, and don’t worry. $500 is a lot of money, but if you think about all of your family, friends, and co-workers in your life, a lot of small donations from a large support network can easily help you reach your fundraising goal. If you can’t reach the minimum by yourself, team up with a friend to raise funds under the name of one rider. If you don’t have a bike and want to still participate, I will help write a personal letter to your local bike shop explaining the cause, and ask them to donate the bike to you for the day. While there are set routes at the Boston ride, you can ride however many miles you wish. I will be undergoing chemo and may not be able to ride in May, but I am still going to join as a rider because the most important part of this event is raising funds for brain tumor research, and being part of a wider team and community of people who want to make a difference.

Join Our Team!!!

Click here to go to the “Team Jeremy” page and click “join team”. If you can join us in Waltham, register as a “rider”, and if you can participate from afar, register as a “virtual rider.”

I am confident that the larger our team, the more funds we can raise for brain tumor research. Also, bike riding in the spring with friends and your community is fun! This team gives me hope for a better future, and this ride is a source of hope for thousands of others living with brain cancer. Wherever you are in the world, together we will one day help find a cure.

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