‘Serendipity’…a story of friendship and support

My best friend from Indonesia, Tya, wanted to learn how to use an animation program.  She chose to make her first video about our serendipitous friendship, as well as raise awareness about the National Brain Tumor Society’s Boston Brain Tumor Ride.  Tya is helping organize a group of virtual riders who will participate in the ride on the same day from Bali.  If you believe in advancing research for better treatments and a cure for brain tumors, I encourage you to join Team Jeremy May 17, 2015 no matter where you are in the world.  These funds will support research that will create long-lasting benefits for all people affected by brain tumors.

Click HERE to go to the team page, and join as a rider!

Thanks Tya for making such a great video and I look forward to riding with you all from opposite sides of the world on May 17th!  Tya is writing an awesome blog too about various activities people can do to step outside the ordinary schedule of their day and try new things.  Check out her blog at #363UnlazyDays

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