Wacky Haircut Fundraiser for Brain Tumor Research!

Update:  1 day to go!

Halfway through proton treatment, and the time has come…for the hair to go!

Wacky Haircut

This is a common side effect of the proton treatments since the hair follicles receive a high dose of radiation.  The skin has started to get a bit more irritated, and this week the first of many clumps of hair fell out in the shower.20150227_142010

The technicians mentioned it is often more comfortable for patients to shave it off preemptively, so that is what I am going to do.  If I learned one thing from high school swim team, it’s that you can’t shave off your hair without getting a wacky haircut first!

So to help support the National Brain Tumor Society, I will subject myself to the Wacky Haircut Fundraiser for Brain Tumor Research!

The Challenge:

To raise as much money as possible for the Boston Brain Tumor Ride by this Friday, March 6th.  The more money raised, the wackier the haircut!

The Rules:

  • Donations for the Boston Brain Tumor Ride can be made to my personal page or to Team Jeremy (…see below for links).  The wacky haircut style will be based on the cumulative amount of donations sent before I get my haircut this Friday, March 6th.
  • If less than $250 is donated cumulatively:  I get a buzz cut (a.k.a. boring)
  • If $250-$500 is donated cumulatively:  I get a mohawk (a.k.a. pretty cool)


  • If more than $500 is donated cumulatively:  I get a monk-cut (a.k.a. I will get a lot of stares on the T)


***As a bonus, if a single person donates $1000 or more, they can personally choose my hair style by leaving a comment in their donation note***

My Promise: 

I will keep the hair style for at least 3 days (…depending on my rate of hair loss), as well as take pictures of it in public places (i.e. the T, or for non-Bostonians reading this…the subway).

I know this is a bit wacky, but why not have some fun for a good cause?!  Please donate to support crucial brain tumor research as well as watch me make a fool of myself!

To donate to the Boston Brain Tumor Ride:

Link to my personal ride page:  CLICK HERE

Link to the Team Jeremy page:  CLICK HERE

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