The Wacky Haircut for Brain Tumor Research…Thank you for Donating!!!

You Donated…And I got a pretty wacky haircut because of it!

In just one week, we raised $2,014.36 towards brain tumor research (…and a wacky haircut)!!!

Here’s the new hairdo:

Front and BackA BIG thank you to “Eddie” Eduardo Tramontozzi for offering your wonderful artistic talent and time to the most stylish monk-cut I have ever seen! 

Below are some photos of the process.  It was a blast getting my haircut with Eddie!  Everyone around us was a bit perplexed at first (…especially the customers walking in), but once they knew what the haircut was for, we all had a great time.  Thanks to Salon Arte for offering the space, and not being afraid that customers might run away once they saw my haircut in progress.  🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you again to everyone who donated over the last week!  Our team is already 60% of the way towards our $20,000 goal!  There are still 70 days left until the Boston Brain Tumor Ride on May 17th!  Please support crucial brain tumor research by joining the ride or donating.  Together, we can create a future with better treatments, and eventually a cure for brain tumors!  CLICK HERE to support the ride!

Thank you again to everyone who donated, Eddie, Salon Arte, and also my mom for helping organize the haircut.

Before and After Group Shot

(P.S. if anyone wants to join me, I think the monkcut is pretty trendy…)

One Reply to “The Wacky Haircut for Brain Tumor Research…Thank you for Donating!!!”

  1. Jeremy, That looks like a reverse kippah. If yu would like a real ne to cover your “nakedness<: let me know. If I have just the one for you. Cheers and greetings to your mom and dad..


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